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Who Are We?

Lalinda, which has beautiful meanings in many languages ​​and allows you to feel poetic even while saying it, means “beauty” in Spanish and “woman worshiped” in Greek. Undoubtedly, all over the world, women are the most pure and valuable in the universe. The word Lalinda reminds us of the deep purity of women and the light of life.

That’s why every time we hear the name Lalinda, we remember the smile that women bring to our faces and we smile humbly. We hope that every time you hear the name Lalinda, it brings a smile to your face and you have memories that you will remember with peace. For this, we have designed of our business in a way that will make you feel warm and peaceful.

The colors, tables, lights and everything else that catches your eye in our business is designed to make you feel good and at peace like you are home. We wish that every minute you spend at Lalinda Bistro Brasserie will be speacil to you.


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